SPARTAN Acumobility Mobility Ball Level 1 - Red

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SPARTAN Acumobility Mobility Ball Level 1 - Red

  • The first and only non-rolling and stable based trigger point ball in the world!
  • Best for MODERATE-DEEP trigger point release and those new to mobility work
  • Specifically designed for Active Mobilization
  • Deep and targeted trigger point release
  • Dynamic flexion point that moves with you
  • Tacky texture keeps it in place as you move on any material floor or wall
  • Put 2 together and the spine fits perfectly in between
  • Use oil on top for to slide the muscle over the ball - great for feet and arms
  • Turn over to use as an upper body stability tool like planks and push-ups
  • Can be used as a handheld massage tool: rounded edge and knife edge
  • 2 Versions available: LEVEL 1 (RED) and LEVEL 2 (GREY)

Benefits May Include:
  • Improved muscle elasticity and length.
  • Increased range of motion and flexibility.
  • When coupled with Active mobilization exercises it can help to re-pattern faulty movement patterns and improve athletic performance.
  • Reduced muscle soreness and restriction for better recovery.
  • Trigger point and myofascial release.
  • During stability and strength exercises, it challenges balance for increased proprioception.

  • The LEVEL 1 Ball is made from a 15 durometer silicone material for MODERATE trigger point release.
  • Patent pending non-slip flat base designed to keep the ball in place whether it is on the floor, wall or other surface.
  • Patent pending built in flexion point allowing the ball to move with you and maintain constant contact on a trigger point or tight muscle.
  • Unique grip design, which allows the ball to be used comfortably for self-massage and assisted massage.
  • When put together the balls provide a vice like function allowing a muscle to be pressed between the balls for lateral compression.
  • Perfect spacing to be used on the back with the spine sitting between the balls. The material is a food grade safe blend of silicone, which is incredibly durable and puncture resistant as well as kid and animal safe.
  • The ball can also be placed in the freezer overnight and used as a cool therapy tool for sore aching muscles.

  • The LEVEL 1 Ball is best for MODERATE-DEEP pressure trigger point release and best for beginners. This ball will be intense for most people!
  • The LEVEL 2 Ball is significantly firmer and meant for DEEP pressure trigger point release. Begin with this ball only if you are used to doing deep trigger point release regularly and want a tool that gets even deeper!
  • It is our recommendation that you begin your mobility exercises with the LEVEL 1 Ball and once you are ready to move on to a deeper release then advance to the LEVEL 2 Ball.

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