SPARTAN Organic Herbal Tea

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SPARTAN Organic Herbal Tea

Handpicked from the mountains surrounding Sparta at elevation of 4,000 feet, this rare tea dates back to ancient Sparta. It is made from a single native herb called "Sidiritis', a Greek word meaning "he who has the iron".

Consumed by ancient warriors who were wounded in battle and known as a staple brew for shepherds guarding their flocks, this powerful tea contains significant level of antioxidants, polyphenols and a broad range of phyto-nutrients. Perfect for the modern day Spartan and resilient athlete.

SPARTAN Tea is believed to have a positive effect on many ailments and modern science has shown it to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial. anti-microbial, gastro-protective and oxidative stress reduction properties.

It is brewed by boiling the herbs in a pot in order to extract full flavor and health benefits because a true Spartan would never use a tea bag!

SPARTAN Tea tastes great either hot or cold and if perfect with a little honey added.


  • Ingredients: Organic Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis clandestine), loose leaf
  • Powerful source of Antioxidants and Polyphenols
  • Packed in a zippered bag / pouch
  • 2.65 oz (75g) per pouch

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