SPARTAN Smoothies Recipe Book - Digital Download

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SPARTAN Smoothies Recipe Book - Digital Download

Pre-Workout, Post-Workout, and Anytime Smoothies to Fuel, Sustain, and Repair Your Body.

From the Team:

How did Spartans get into smoothies? As the Lifestyle Editor of Spartan Race I went to Andrew with a problem. “Andrew, I want to drink an avocado.” I said. “Sure,” Andrew said, “You can.” And the rest played out on for the next 3 years. People let us know that they liked to drink their avocados to the tune of hundreds of thousands of recipe views. Along with myself and Andrew, thousands of Spartans were interested in simplifying food. Personally, I wanted to drink smoothies because of my limited kitchen skills. I like to keep the kitchen clean, and I generally like to spend as little time as possible in there. I would buy a delicious and nutritious avocado, I would want its nutrients in my stomach, and I wouldn’t know what to do with it. We think maybe many of you are in the same boat and want to simplify your food, at least a few times a week. (And to have it taste great and be readily digestible!) This book is our first ever comprehensive documentation of the secret and original Spartan recipes that Andrew Thomas masterfully created. Keep it real: Get raw ingredients. Blend. Enjoy. --Jason Jaksetic, Spartan Lifestyle Editor.

This book is published by Spartan Publishing  

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