What is Elevate?

Elevate your Health for a fuller Life—one free of debilitating pain or anxiety, a life where rejuvenating sleep fuels the active lifestyle you want to enjoy.

Elevate® Hemp Extract delivers a wide spectrum of mind-body health benefits, and works naturally to lessen pain-causing inflammation, as it targets the body’s cannabinoid receptors to actively suppress pain.

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Elevate Hemp Extract Mints

Be cool, calm, and confident with a pop of minty flavor that freshens
your breath and delivers the soothing benefit of 3mg of full spectrum hemp-oil extract per mint to help conquer anxiety and stress. Available in 8ct and 20ct tins. (Mint Flavor)

Elevate Hemp Extract Gum

Perfect for weekend warriors or busy moms, our Fresh Mint gum delivers concentrated CBD that eases stress and provides a feeling of calm. Enjoy the flavor; experience the fast relief of our Hemp Extract as a tasty treat, anytime, anywhere. Available in 8ct and 20ct tins (Mint Flavor)

Elevate Hemp Soft Gelcaps

Whether you need treatment for aches and pains, relief from stress, or a better night’s sleep, our Hemp Extract capsules provide a true entourage effect on your overall health Available in 30ct.

Elevate Hemp Extract Dissolvable Strips

Safe, solvent-free and quick-acting, our great-tasting strips are the answer to pain relief when and where you need it.

Elevate Hemp Extract Oral Spray

Our Elevate full spectrum hemp-extract spray delivers a great serving of 60mg of cannabinoid per spray of fast acting Hemp Extract Oil that’s quickly absorbed to start working fast on pain or stress, even migraines.
An All-Natural hemp oil option is also available in 2 flavors (Mint, Cinnamon) 2 sizes (7.5ml, 30mL).

Elevate Pain Relief Cream

Our Heat relief therapy Hemp Extract Cream is perfect for athletes, Spartan racers, weekend warriors, gym rats, or runners! Our Hemp Extract infused cream is a powerful way to treat sore, tired muscles. When your body needs to rebound, and you need natural relief from pain, turn to our full-spectrum, Cannabinoid-rich cream for total relief. Safe, impurity-free, and effective.

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