SPARTAN Delta Trifecta Pyramid Kit



Behold the ultimate SPARTAN accomplishment. The Delta Pyramid Kit consists of three separate Trifecta plates and the Delta Pyramid Base. Each plate holds 3 finisher medals, sprint, super and beast as well as three event coin ICONS (sold separately) that can be placed adjacent to your medal to commemorate the race level or venue that you attended. Single Trifecta Plates can be purchased separately and are compatible with 2015 Trifecta medals. A brave few may choose to obtain the highest level of Spartan accomplishment by earning their Endurance and Training Trifectas. Commit to resilience and set the ultimate goal of completing the Spartan Delta Pyramid.

Trifecta Plate x 3
Stainless Steel Construction
Dimensions - dia.198mm, thickness: 14.8mm
2.7 Ibs

Delta Base
Polished Aluminum Construction
Dimensions - 226mm, thickness: 12mm
3.3 Ibs

  • Each Delta contains 3 Delta Plates and 1 Delta Base
  • Approximate Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Width: 8" Height: 9"
  • Icons sold separately

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