SPARTAN Fit Four OCR Neo Grip Race Gloves - Unisex

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SPARTAN Fit Four OCR Neo Grip Race Gloves - Unisex

Get a grip on every obstacle while protecting your mitts with the Official Race Day Glove of the Spartan Race. Fit Four's new line of Spartan tested and approved gloves offer anti-slip grip and great fit for training and race day.

  • Added cushion and anti-slip grip protection for OCR races
  • Spartan Race tested and approved
  • Great for wet and dry mud run applications; made of deep dive suit material
  • Neoprene warms and helps regulate body temp when wet
  • Original patented 4-finger minimalist gloves design
  • Double-stitching for durability during Spartan Race training and runs
  • Compression fit support band
  • Easy on / Easy off – Pull down and turn inside-out to remove
  • 10% silicone, 90% rubber-lined high-density neoprene gloves
  • Unisex sizing

Customer Reviews

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Spartan FIT Gloves

I’m still breaking these in. They really help with pull-ups, etc. and keeping my calluses from ripping. The only issue is they tend to slide down a bit and I have to pull them back into place. They are comfortable and not too much material. Overall great purchase and I do not but leather products.


My hand measurement was exactly 3.0 which was the limit of the small size and the start of the medium size. Since medium size was out of stock, I went with small. They are working out great.

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