SPARTAN Fit Four OCR Neo Grip Race Gloves - Unisex

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SPARTAN Fit Four OCR Neo Grip Race Gloves - Unisex

Get a grip on every obstacle while protecting your mitts with the Official Race Day Glove of the Spartan Race. Fit Four's new line of Spartan tested and approved gloves offer anti-slip grip and great fit for training and race day.

  • Added cushion and anti-slip grip protection for OCR races
  • Spartan Race tested and approved
  • Great for wet and dry mud run applications; made of deep dive suit material
  • Neoprene warms and helps regulate body temp when wet
  • Original patented 4-finger minimalist gloves design
  • Double-stitching for durability during Spartan Race training and runs
  • Compression fit support band
  • Easy on / Easy off – Pull down and turn inside-out to remove
  • 10% silicone, 90% rubber-lined high-density neoprene gloves
  • Unisex sizing

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