Eat The Bear - Bare Aminos

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Eat The Bear - Bare Aminos

Eat The Bear Bare Aminos is a concentrated blend of amino acids to promote protein synthesis and provide one of the highest sustained peak performances available today. The Spartan Race approved ETB Bare Aminos uniquely provides your body with vital muscle building elements while giving athletes the prolonged endurance they need. Amino acids are the building blocks for protein, which is the macronutrient necessary for growing, repairing and maintaining lean muscle. ETB Bare Aminos delivers the perfect formulation to ensure that the building and repair start immediately. You train hard and ETB Bare Aminos helps you win the fight against damage done by intense training.

  • For quick muscle recovery and building lean muscle mass.
  • Helps repair and build muscle tissue and speeds up the recovery process to get your results faster.
  • 1g Citrulline – 4g Leucine : 2g IsoLeucine : 2g Valine : 1g Glutamine
  • Packed with all the essential amino acids
  • Mixes Instantly.

Suggested Use:

Take 1-2 scoop with 8 oz of water right after exercise. For best results consume with ETB Pure Isolate Whey Protein to aid muscle recovery. Advanced users may take an additional scoop if needed.

TO MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS, consider supplementing this product with ETB Pure Isolate Whey Protein line and ETB Bear Essentials Multivitamins.

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