Body Wrench™ - Pair


You know the feeling: a tightness in your shoulder or neck... a stiff and sore back... or the countless other annoyances or outright pains that come from owning a body with lots of moving parts -- parts that you use hard and subject to new abuses every day of your life. Muscles get full of unwanted tight bands called trigger points. These are areas of local fibrosis or thickening, often referred to as knots. These knots are generators of pain within the entire body including headaches and back pain. They also increase the risk of injury as they cause a weakness within the muscle and a general imbalance of strength and forces within the body. Basically your muscles lose their ability to function optimally. Body Wrench applies highly-targeted pressure to these "knots," or tight bands within the muscle. That pressure — which you control — creates a micro stretch within the muscle, and it creates a micro inflammatory response at the exact site of tightness that often is impossible to stretch. This local pressure breaks down unwanted adhesions, facilitates a very localized influx of rich oxygenated blood full of required muscle nutrition, breaking down adhesions and facilitating a healing process. This improves the overall muscle condition, strength, flexibility and coordination.

Package includes: 2 Body Wrench™ massagers, Training Video and Carry Bag

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