SPARTAN Acumobility Floss Band - Level 1 - Single Band

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SPARTAN Acumobility Floss Band - Level 1 - Single Band

The Acumobility Level 1 Floss band is the perfect addition to your mobility kit.

    • High quality and durable 7 foot long and 2 inch wide floss band with 150% stretch
    • This band works great for applying universal compression to an area
    • Use to wrap around stiff joints and muscles
    • Combine with the Acumobility Ball and Eclipse Roller for added compression during Active Mobilization exercises
    • The Level 1 Band provides moderate compression
    • Helps to relieve stiffness and improve mobility
    • Improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage upon release of the wrap
    • It has more stretch than the level 2 and is great for wrists/ankles/ forearms and calves

    • Length: 7 foot long
    • Width: 2 inches
    • 1 mm Thick
    • High Quality All Natural Latex Rubber
    • 150% stretch

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