SPARTAN Bucket Training Kit - Men's

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SPARTAN Bucket Training Kit - Men's

This SPARTAN Training Bucket Kit is packed with tools to make anyone stronger, more confident, and ready to tackle obstacles. Our SPARTAN products were created to fit the unique physical needs of men (shown as black bucket) training for obstacle course races. Each bucket comes filled with popular products to make you a successful competitor and can fit in the bucket for easy storage or transport.


SPARTAN Training Bucket Kit for Men  includes one each of:

  • SPARTAN Battle Rope 30 ft. x 1.5 in. Diameter
  • SPARTAN Slam Ball – 30 lb
  • SPARTAN Strength Band – Heavy
  • SPARTAN Strength Band – Extra Heavy
  • SPARTAN Covered Resistance Tube – Heavy
  • SPARTAN Resistance Loop – Medium
  • SPARTAN Resistance Loop – Heavy
  • SPARTAN Bucket

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