SPARTAN Strong Pancake Sandbag - 20lb

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SPARTAN Strong Pancake Sandbag - 20lb

Quite possibly the most versatile workout tool on the planet, the Spartan Strong Pancake sandbag will put you to the test. Constructed of heavy duty elastic neoprene and sealed with a custom double reinforced velcro closure, this sandbag will withstand the test of just about anything you can dish out at it. Lift it, carry it, smash it toss it, and get the full benefit of safe and effective real world functional training.

Please note - Pancakes do not come filled nor shipped with sand.

  • Full body neoprene fabric construction
  • Screen Print logo
  • Heavy duty lock stitched joints
  • Extra wide double layered Velcro closure
  • Fast and Easy fill
  • Thick Vinyl Leather Rim for added durability
  • Super heavy duty
  • Ripped from the Spartan Strong group fitness class: Do these moves to build healthy, powerful hips
  • Filling instructions 

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