SPARTAN Fit Four OCR Slit Grip Race Gloves - Unisex

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SPARTAN Fit Four OCR Slit Grip Race Gloves - Unisex

Get a grip on every obstacle while protecting your mitts with the Official Race Day Glove of the Spartan Race. Fit Four's new line of Spartan tested and approved gloves offer anti-slip grip and great fit for training and race day.

  • Best multi-use OCR gloves with extra grip for wet and dry mud run environments
  • Spartan Race tested and approved
  • Expandable and ribbed wrist wrap helps prevent injury while allowing wrist movement
  • Silicone on the palm in honeycomb pattern provides extra grip and mobility
  • Thumbless and compression fit design prevents gloves from bunching
  • Open minimalist gloves design allows for breathing and quick drying in wet conditions
  • Material: Leather with silicone grip
  • Wear with watch or fitness band
  • Patent pending slit in wrist wrap allows watch or fitness band to be worn with glove
  • Unisex sizing

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Better for lifting not monkey bars

Bought these in hopes for a glove with great grip and that have a wrist wrap to keep the gloves from sliding off during the bars. The gloves work however they are a bit thin so i ripped so many calluses the first few times wearing them. Which if you’ve never ripped one thank your lucky starts bc it hurts. For monkey bars I prefer football gloves just wish there was a way to incorporate football gloves and a west wrap to keep them on.


Fit perfectly! looking forward to how they'll go during the race.


Works great

Best gloves for real OCR

I ran a few Spartan races and do a fair amount of calisthenics and without a doubt these are the best gloves that protect your gands, gives you strong grip and stay on your hands throughout. None of the others I tried come even close to doing all three. Get these and enjoy tearing s**t up!


These appear to be easy on and off which is a plus. I have used wide receiver sticky football gloves that have helped me climb the rope. They do not go on and off very easily but I have not missed a rope climb since wearing them.

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