Deepsport SPARTAN Sleep Sack

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Deepsport SPARTAN Sleep Sack

Spartan travel sleep sacks for the Spartan Racer will give you the edge and help increase your times through a better quality sleep. The Travel Spartan Sleep Sack allows you to protect yourself on the road with patented antimicrobial against bacteria and bed bugs. You will stay cooler and drier while you sleep with performance fabric that feels like silk. SPARTAN travel sleep sacks are 100% USA MADE and are odorless, stainless and hypoallergenic.

  • Stops night sweats - Maximum moisture control
  • Reduces the amount of work your body exerts while you sleep - Allows greater freedom of movement in bed
  • Makes your sleep more efficient, more comfortable
  • Creates a cool dry sleep surface
  • Stays fresher longer - Controls odors on the fabric
  • Easy and quick to wash and dry

Size Chart:

  • Medium - 5'5" and below
  • Large - 6" and below
  • XL - 6'9" and below

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