SPARTAN Rockagator Agoge Endurance Bag

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SPARTAN Rockagator Agoge Endurance Bag

This is the official backpack of the Spartan AGOGE and was designed specifically with the help of Spartan's Director of Endurance to meet the needs of the challenging environment and obstacles faced by AGOGE participants.  


  • 100% Waterproof - When sealed correctly, this pack will protect you from quick submersion situations. With RF-Welded seams there is no place for water to breach the pack except through the top opening
  • TPU Construction - Made of 600D TPU, this pack is built tough. TPU is tough, waterproof, abrasion resistant, thermal adaptive and eco-friendly
  • Reinforced Strap Connection Points - All straps are double-reinforced at the base in order to provide strength for heavier loads (50 lbs) maximum.  An AGOGE participant should not have a pack weighing more than 35 lbs (including drinking water)
  • Long Side Zipper Pouches - Side pockets were made to store water for easier access. These pockets are exterior to the main waterproof compartment and do not allow access to the main compartment. Gear in these pockets can and will get wet when submerged
  • 90-Liter Capacity - This pack will store essential gear for any cold-weather AGOGE event and can also be rolled down a few more times to be compact enough to also serve as an excellent pack for a warm-weather AGOGE
  • Cylindrical Shape - Ideal for using additional dry bags to organize gear and AGOGE packing list essentials
  • External Map Pocket - This pocket is great for maps and other quick access equipment that doesn't need to be waterproofed such as trowels and water filtering tools
  • Padded Hip Straps - This pack features adjustable padded hip straps which tighten by pulling forward for ease of adjustment. Also the hip straps feature two flex zipper pouches for quick access food items that you need to eat while on the trail.
  • Padded Shoulder Straps - Padded shoulder straps have multiple points of adjustment and this pack also features an adjustable sternum strap
  • Back and Lumbar Support Padding - The AGOGE pack features lumbar and back padding to give a little more comfort while you are putting yourself in very uncomfortable situations

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